Our Objective

Our aim is to combine good business operations and ethically responsible conduct. We believe that responsibility in business is fundamental to the success of our company. We work to ensure that our products are produced in a responsible manner, and that workers in our supply chain are safe, treated well, and have the ability to exercise their rights.

 The challenges faced by the textile and garment industry are numerous and complex, and mainly relate to the production chain. We want to meet the challenges in our industry with focus on honesty and a commitment to develop and improve. Working with social improvements demands long-term thinking, broad collaborations and knowledge of local conditions. We have achieved many important steps, but still have a long way to go.

We have worked with matters relating to social compliance for many years, both within our own organization and together with external parties. We participate actively on many CSR arenas on both local and international level. We became a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH) in 2003, and since 2008 we have served on the Board of the organization.