Frequently Asked Questions

  • DO YOU HAVE A SET OF SOCIAL REQUIREMENTS? Yes. We have developed a Code of Conduct in collaboration with the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH). The Code of Conduct applies to all the chains within the Varner Group. It is based on UN’s human rights and ILO’s conventions on rights at work. Download our Code of Conduct.

  • CAN YOU GUARANTEE THAT YOUR SUPPLIERS FOLLOW YOUR CODE OF CONDUCT? We have an extensive monitoring system in place, which includes social audits, certification programs and training. There is no guarantee that there will not be breaches to our Code of Conduct at factories, but we can guarantee that we are committed to take action where our Code of Conduct is not followed. 

  • WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU FACE A BREACH OF YOUR CODE OF CONDUCT? A breach of our code of conduct does not mean we end our partnership with the manufacturer. We collaborate with the factory management to ensure that the necessary improvements are made within a reasonable time frame. Terminating the contract becomes relevant if the manufacturer is not willing to collaborate.

  • WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON CHALLENGES? Excessive overtime during high season, insufficient health and safety procedures, lack of appropriate bookkeeping and insufficient registration routines for working hours and wages are common challenges.

  • DO YOU PUBLISH A CSR REPORT? Yes, every year we report to the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway. These reports are publicly available.

  • WHERE DO YOU PRODUCE YOUR PRODUCTS? Most of our products are produced in China, Turkey, Bangladesh and India. You will find information about the production country on the garment’s care label. You can find a list over the factories we use here.

  • DO YOU USE SANDBLASTING? No, the use of sandblasting in our production is prohibited.