Requirements & testing

Product safety is a top priority and our dedicated teams work to ensure that our branded products are made to strict safety standards. It is critical that we are able to offer our customers products that are not harmful.

We have developed a set of chemical restrictions that all manufacturers undertake to follow. These requirements are followed up by strict testing procedures. Manufacturers are obligated to carry out tests during production in order to ensure that the finished products do not contain restricted substances. We collaborates with several laboratories that assist manufacturers and buyers throughout this process.

Our chemical requirements are regularly revised. In 2014, new substances were prohibited and we extended our stringent control system.

Download The Varner Group Chemical Requirements here.

We are member of Kjemikaliegruppen (the Chemical Group) in Sweden, an interest group for clothing companies that aim to reduce the use of chemicals in their production processes. In addition, we collaborate with Virke, the Enterprise Federation of Norway, on these matters.