Vacant positions

Here you can find an overview of our vacancies. In most cases it is a great idea to simply visit the store you would like to work at and say hello – we might need new employees without announcing it here.


If you can not find a position that is right for you, then you can register your CV in our database and subscribe to our future vacant positions. You can re-use the data you entered into the system when applying for a position at a later time.




WOW Bergen Snarest
WOW Jessheim 10.10.2017
WOW Tønsberg Snarest
VOLT Stockholm/Solna 2017-10-08
VOLT Raisio 24.09.2017
VOLT Östersund 2017-10-10
VOLT OSLO 30.09.2017
VOLT Oslo 30.09.2017
VOLT Stockholm city 2017-09-30
VOLT Akershus Snarest
VOLT Bergen Snarest
VOLT Nord-Norge Snarest
VOLT Oslo Snarest
Vivikes Ski Storsenter snarest
Varner Retail Vänersborg 2017-10-06
Varner Retail Hamburg Ab sofort
Nike Stockholm Snarast
Levis Store Bergen 30.09.2017
Levis Store Uppsala 2017-09-30
Levis Store Uppsala 2017-09-25
Levis Store Örebro Snarast
Levis Store Trondheim Snarest
Levis Store Slependen, Asker Snarest
Levis Store Solna Snarast
Dressmann Kungsgatan, GBG 2017-10-06
Dressmann Vösendorf Ab sofort
Dressmann Kempele 27.09.2017
Dressmann Finnsnes Snarest
Dressmann Malmö 2017-10-02
Dressmann Völs Ab sofort
Dressmann Strømmen Storsenter 30.09.2017
Dressmann Hamburg Ab sofort
Dressmann Uppsala 2017-09-27
Dressmann Gulskogen 30.09.2017
Dressmann Nässjö 2017-09-25
Dressmann Magasinet 30.09.2017
Dressmann Arendal 29.09.2017
Dressmann Gislaved 2017-09-24
Dressmann CC Vest snarest
Dressmann Harstad Snarest
Dressmann Harstad Snarest
Dressmann Namsos 24.09.2017
Dressmann Hainburg Ab sofort
Dressmann Orkanger 30.09.2017
Dressmann Sandefjord Snarest
Dressmann Trondheim Snarest
Dressmann Vöcklabruck Ab sofort
Dressmann Vöcklabruck Ab sofort
Dressmann Vöcklabruck Ab sofort
Cubus Marienplatz-Galerie Schwerin 30.11.2017
Cubus Rjukan 28.10.2017
Cubus Kraków 2017-10-08
Cubus Kraków 2017-10-08
Cubus Taidetehdas 27.09.2017
Cubus Hamburg Ab sofort
Cubus Eskilstuna 2017-10-01
Cubus Vimmerby 2017-10-08
Cubus Warszawa 2017-09-30
Cubus Stortorvet, Karl Johan Snarest
Cubus Vällingby 2017-09-24
Cubus Farsta 2017-09-24
Cubus Haninge 2017-09-24
Cubus Farsta 2017-10-01
Cubus Harburg-Arcaden, Hamburg 30.09.2017
Cubus Roland-Center, Bremen 30.09.2017
Cubus Slependen 29.09.2017
Carlings Mercursenteret/Trondheim Torg Snarest
Carlings Moss Snarest
Carlings Jönköping 2017-10-31
Carlings Varberg 2017-10-31
Carlings Sandnes Snarest
Carlings Fornebu Snarest
Carlings Namsos Snarest
Carlings Oslo Snarest
Carlings Drammen Snarest
Bik Bok Wien 26.10.2017
Bik Bok Bergen 16.10.2017
Bik Bok Seiersberg 20.10.2017
Bik Bok Wien 13.10.2017
Bik Bok Ski 25.09.2017
Bik Bok 29.09.2017
Bik Bok Drammen 25.09.2017
Bik Bok Wien 29.9.2017
Bik Bok Klagenfurt 29.9.2017
Bik Bok Drammen snarest
Bik Bok Larvik 01.10.2017
Bik Bok Vågsbygd Snarest
Bik Bok Pasching 13.10.2017
Bik Bok Pasching 13.10.2017
Bik Bok Pasching 13.10.2017
Bik Bok Wien ab sofort
Bik Bok Stavanger Snarest
Bik Bok Wien 26.10.2017
There are no vacant positions matching the applied filter.